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It is well known that croc skin is widely used in making various leather goods including belts, shoes, toiletry bags, suitcase, handbag, even desk lamp and furnishing. in recent years, fashion accessories, particularly handbags are much in demand, so croc skin is in short supply. actually, due to the extinction of some crocodile varieties, the crocodile leather industry calls for a convention to restrict illegal hunting since its emerging in 1980. crocodiles live mainly in australia, asia and africa. australia is a major exporter of crocodile skin. in queensland, northern and western australia, there are 18 crocodile farms. the famous australian saltwater crocodile supplies the finest quality skin in the world. many top grade handbags, briefcases, lage, belts, boots are manufactured of australian crocodiles. the croc skin in trade is only from farms in the countries that have signed the convention on international trade and endangered species of world fauna and flora treaty (cites) in 1973. traditionally, an entire croc skin is divided into two parts, one from back and the other from its belly. the precious skin results in sky high price, however, croc accessories become more popular among celebrities and wealthy people. here are the top three regions where croc skin fashion accessories are much favored. the first one is japan where shoes and handbags of wild colors are especially popular. in america, custom made crocodile handbags and boots are considered to be the ultimate luxury items. the last place is european where most of croc products are released from italy. customizing a crocodile bag is a pretty good idea, because it becomes a treasure when your inspiration and personality blend into valuable croc skin, then it will be passed down as a heritage and cherished by generations. high quality is guaranteed and excellent service will ensure your satisfaction.

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  1. Handbags are expensive for a reasonThe particular pro conventional network offers faithful many years to make sure you examining weather conditions for your a number of underlying factors. honor wise male organ. this would mean this creates a lots of ladies handbag looks for the collection.

  2. Wholesale purses and handbags for sale profitable for customersThere is a common observation that after gaining popularity, a designer handbag becomes most demanding item of that season in the market. no matter how much the price is, women love that handbag so much. with all the popularity, the profit that is gained by the bags manufacturer will be greater and even it will be more than the original expectation.

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  1. What you ought to know about dog carriersIf you are about to go to a meeting or so, make sure you choose a handbag that can fit in your files and folders. if you are going for a class or a place where you would hardly stay for a couple of hours, then a handmade bag will also look good. if you are going shopping, then let the bag be small to accommodate money, keys and cards, as you'll have shopping bags to hold later.

  2. Consider the investment in a designer handbagDo not give in right away to cheap prices since you do not know whether these bags can actually be depended on or not. before you pay for your find, you should look into it carefully and determine if it is authentic or just one of those good?replica hermes handbags. the first thing that distinguishes the authenticity of hermes handbags is their price.